Dear Friends:
It's been a while, and so much has happened, since we went to England this summer. But we still wanted to give those of you who've been asking an idea of what we did & who we saw there. Below is a very brief synopsis of our trip with some fun photos.
To see he photos just click on the underlined links and use your "back" button to return to the story. [Some of the photos aren't great as all we had was a digital camera we really hadn't figured out yet =) ]
A & T
We arrived at Heathrow on July 4th (Happy Birthday America) and after a struggle to get our car for the reserved price we were off to Alex's grandmother (Eileen)'s house in South End, to see her & her husband, Ted. There we had a good rest, good food & great company. 
Alex & Eileen - Alex, Ted & Eileen]
Then, we traveled north to Alex's cousins' (too many to name here) for a wedding! We had loads of fun helping to set up and enjoy the festivities.    [Alex & Zoe - with Pam & Ian - Bride & Groom - Church - At the Altar - Emma & Ian]
After the wedding, the family took us to Lincoln for some sightseeing. A wonderful old town & Castle! And a traditional English lunch. Yum! We even stopped off in New York =)   
Lincoln - Lincoln Castle - New York]
Off to the coast to Cromer to see Alex's college friend, Dave. Star gazing on the beach at night =)
Dave the writer - Alex & Dave]
Heading west we stopped at Tiffany's childhood nanny (Lynn)'s house near Stratford. We reminisced about old times & ended up seeing Julius Caesar at the Royal Shakespeare Company. 
Tiffany & Lynn - At Shakespeare's house - Shakespeare's house]
Then we headed farther West to the Welsh boarder to see Tiffany's father, Gary & brother, Dylan. Gary gave us a tour of the spectacular countryside & we went to a local folk festival where they burned a big bonfire Dragon!    [River Wye - Gary in his yard - The Folk festival - Gary, Dylan & Alex]
On our way to London we stopped by Tiffany's childhood home in Chesham, Wallingford House.  [Tiffany @ house]
For our final nights we stayed in London at Dylan's home and saw what we could of the city (and a lot of the inside of a bookstore - all the covers are different! It makes you want to buy all the books you already have!) We saw another of Alex's cousins, Hannah, on our last day.  [Alex & Hannah]
All in all a wonderful trip and, as always, too short. We left too soon with so much more to see and many smiles to take home with us.
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