Here is our page of random snapshots that didn't
seem to go anywhere but we thought we'd like
to share with you. Enjoy...
(as always, click on photo for a larger view)
Tiffany got her hair trimmed and hated the result so much we cut it all off ourselves. (Tiff the front, Alex the back) This is the result...   Not bad, huh?
The way Tiffany dries all her sweaters after laundry night. Do you think she's a New Yorker with all that black?
They installed a new street sign almost right outside our door so, while it was still wet, we put our initials in the cement. Hopefully it stays a long time =)
Valentines Day!
Alex building a new shelf for the growing CD/DVD/Book collection
We went to a restaurant where you can order Smores!! They bring out a big dish with marshmallows, graham carckers & hershey bars. They include wooden skewers and a little pot with a flame to toast the marshmallows. YUM!
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