The Hudson
Staring across at New Jersey
Mothers and Fathers behind me
With their sons full of life and
The love of little league.
These young souls giggling and cheering
Untouched by the pain of loss.
What lies ahead for them?
Happiness, struggle, love, respect,
Success, failure, riches, humility…?
How will loss and fear affect their path?
We can only send them our best thoughts
And let them loose in the world.
As death touches my heart I see
A gaggle of baby ducks, new to the world.
And I am reminded that life is ebbs and flows.
Back and forth. Yin and Yang.
Like the river before me,
Flowing in two directions,
It goes where it needs to go.
With the cheers of "Let's go!"
Behind me in the distance
I send my prayers, wishes, memories,
Love and thoughts to my Grandmother
By way of a white rose in the Hudson River.

Tiffany Kurtz
May 12, 2002

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