March 31, 2002

We did not prepare for Easter at all so we did our celebrating on the very weekend. On Saturday we made a small work table and every cup we own into an egg dying factory. We made many very fun, brightly coloured eggs and displayed them in an upside-down hat of Tiffany’s with some paper sheds for "straw". We went to Central Park and it was teaming with people! There had been a HUGE event for kids and the like at the Bethesda fountain and we saw the fun remnants of fake grass, giant carrots & huge eggs. We walked down Literary Walk & enjoyed the people & the welcome sun.

On Sunday we slept in and then watched "Easter Parade" on TV. After the movie we went down to 5th avenue to see if there were any stragglers from this year’s parade (yes, they still have one) but we were a bit late. We then went to one of our favorite haunts on the UWS, The City Grill, and had their delicious ham dinner with mashed and sweet potatoes.

All in all a very nice weekend to celebrate the festival of Eoester, the goddess of fertility and her earthly symbol the rabbit, and the new life of Spring, symbolized in the Egg. (The christians later absconded with the spring fling and gave it to Jesus.) The park was amazingly green and flowers were everywhere, a welcome new life from the gray winter season.

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