Tiffany’s 33rd Birthday
June 27, 2002

Well. It was upon us. The big birthday. I am officially in my mid thirties now. Very mixed feelings about that, but you don’t want to hear about that... on to the festivities!!!!

What a great day. I don’t know how to start so I will begin on the eve of June 23rd, the night before. We went to our local watering hole to see our friendly bartender Todd at around 11:45pm. Alex got the usual Guinness and, as I didn’t know what to order, Todd made me a special drink. It turned out to be a Tiffany Blue margaritaish drink with sugar around the rim. Um... YUM! We toasted in the 24th in good fashion. Then Todd made another delectable drink that I don’t even know what it was, but it was sweet and tasty. By the end of our second drink we couldn’t stand the smoke any more (it’s never that bad on Tuesdays!) so we went home to sleep.

The morning of the 24th Alex got up earlier than I but when the buzzer rang with FedEx bearing presents for me I had to get up! I got packages from my aunt and my Mom & sister. Fun things inside, books, clothes, candles, essential oils, cards and such. Yea! We got ourselves together and went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast. A doughnut with a candle =) So yummy. Then Alex gave me another present. An envelope with two subway tokens in it. It was from him and my family. It was a trip down town to Tekserve, THE Apple store in NYC, to pick up my present... a new iBook!!! WOW! (I’m writing this story on it right now) It’s so fun and small and perfect! We went home and played with the new toy for a bit.

I really wanted to spend part of the day in Central Park so we went walking. We were going to go to the Met but it’s closed on Mondays. The nerve. So we basically walked an entire circle around 2/3 of the park. Having ice cream sandwiches and hot dogs for lunch, in that order =) We were exhausted and roasting by the time we got home to change for dinner. Then we headed out to a restaurant we tried to go to last year for my brithday, but they had been closed.

Artisinal is an impressive restaurant in Murray Hill amongst office buildings closed for the evening. We were there to have fondue. Something I’ve not had in my conscious lifetime. They have seven different kinds of fondue. We got the Fondue du jour, which came with the bread and apple chunks! Really delicious. Then we split an entree of organic chicken cooked under a brick... So good Alex even ate the mashed potatoes =) Then, the desert... Chocolate fondue with bananas, strawberries, homemade marshmallows (hello!), orange puff pastries and melt in your mouth spice cookies. We had port & a desert wine. The best meal we’ve had in New York City, I kid you not. It really is indescribable how good this dinner was. We glanced at their brunch menu... beignets and french hot chocolate... need I say more? We WILL be back. Soon.

We made our way home, full and weary but with a fantabulous day under our belts.

Thanks so much to everyone for the cards, e-mails and calls for the day. It is greatly appreciated and cherished.

Oh, goodness, I’m old now.

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