Head for the Hills!
August 18, 2002

The first week of August had us gallivanting all over Manhattan showing off our favorite haunts because Alex’s parents were in town. This was their first visit to the Big Apple together in over 30 years, so things have changed a little.

We really hit the ground running. They had come for one week, but we packed in enough to fill a month. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, rented bikes and rode through Central Park, and saw Manhattan from the water on the Circle Line ferry. We visited Ground Zero, walked through Wall Street, Chinatown, and Soho and spent far too little time at the Strand bookstore.

We had drinks at the Dead Poet, oh-so-chic martinis at the Evelyn Lounge and coffee at the Grey Dog in the Village. We had mountains of ice cream at Serendipity 3, lunch at the boathouse in the park and enormous dishes of Italian food at Carmine's.

We spent an entire day at the Cloisters at the northern most tip of the island strolling amongst medieval art and architecture. We caught a live blues show in the courtyard at Lincoln Center and watched the sun set form the top of the Empire State Building.

A definite highlight of this jam-packed week was seeing “Metamorphoses” at the Circle in the Square Theater (check out the story on this amazing show here). We also saw a production of “Taming of the Shrew” in Central Park where the play takes place in and around the paths and field of the park. The audience is invited to stroll along with the actors as they move form one scene to another, one location to another.

When we finally did say goodbye to our hearty visitors, we came home and nearly collapsed. That’s what we call making the most of one week in the city!

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