Frescolita in New York

April 9, 2002

The people that we met on our trip to Venezuela were in New York last week. They were here to finish off the commercials that Tiffany met with them about. They did their post production at Tapehouse Editorial (up a block from Toons) and we had several meetings about the animation. It was great to see them. A whole group of people cameÖ Our contact for the spots, the director, 2 people from the production company, 2 people from the ad agency and 3 from Coca-Cola. Wow! (We think they mostly wanted to come for the shopping...) It was a VERY busy week at Tapehouse Toons, long days going into long nights. Lots of pizza was consumed.

There are two spots, one at a wedding & one in the city streets in a car.

At the wedding a young boy is sitting bored, drinking a Frescolita. He watches the happy couple and begins to imagineÖ (animated) that it is a mob type wedding and the bride is there against her will. He leaps over his table and pulls her away. The Groom is very upset & sends his goons after them. They are making their get-away but the goons catch up. The boy has an idea! He pulls out bottles of Frescolita, 4 in each hand, shakes them up and sprays them at the goons, knocking them over. The jump in a car outside & take off into the sunset. The girl kisses him bringing the boy suddenly back to reality where a flower girl is kissing his cheek. He is very put out.

In the fireman spot, a boy is in a car in heavy traffic with his father. He is bored. He looks over and sees a fire truck going down the street. He drinks his Frescolita and begins to imagineÖ (animated) he is driving a fire truck crazily through the streets. There is a fireman hanging onto the back of the truck for dear life as they weave through the cars. A girl is in a top floor of a building, fire spewing out her window. The boy screeches to a stop in front of her building, throwing the fireman on the back over the truck & out of frame. The girl looks down to the street and sees the boy quickly coming up a ladder with a hose. He gets to her window & begins spraying the fire out, with Frescolita! He brings the girl back down the ladder as her drinks some Frescolita out of the hose and they slide into the cab of the fire engine. The fireman is in the driverís seat, bandaged and bruised. The boy goes to close the door and that brings him suddenly back to reality where his father looks at him very strangely as if to say "why did you close (& apparently open) the door?". The boy shrugs at his father. (see below for links to some images)

On Thursday we went to dinner with most of the gang at Michael Jordanís Steak House in Grand Central Station. Very good food at very high prices. They had the BEST chocolate cake either one of us has ever had. Everyone agreed on that! It was a LATE night (didnít order till after 11pm!) but fun was had by the whole exhausted group. It made us wish we had studied our Spanish from when we returned from Venezuela.

The animation was due on Friday at noon and with all the changes it was a close call. But we made it! As soon as we get a copy of the final commercials they will be posted on the Tapehouse site so we will give you links then. But for now we have posted some frames from the animation on our annex site so you can see some of the essence of the commercials & what Toons did.

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