Independence Day

July 5, 2002


For America’s Birthday, we took the train all the way to New Jersey =) to the home of a coworker of Tiffany’s, Luciano, and his girlfriend Alison. They live way up in a high rise apartment looking over the Hudson across to Manhattan. They had delicious food and drink & fun company. We had briefly thought of going down to the East River to watch the fireworks with the crowds but thought of Times Square at New Year’s and quickly got over that. This option was much better.


When the fireworks started, we turned the lights off & the TV show of the fireworks on, to hear the corresponding music.  The show between fireworks was cheesy but with the patriotic music and the beautiful fireworks behind the backdrop of Manhattan, it was very touching and actually made you proud to be from the United States.


We headed back to the island under the water on the PATH train & uptown on the subway, emerging in our little paradise on the Upper West Side.


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