ipod, you pod, we all pod for ipod!
September 1, 20
When we moved out here last summer one of the things we absolutely could not live without was our music. But how to deal with shelf loads of jewel cases? We ended up filling 6 or 7 CD binders full of our combined collections, a brilliant solution we thought at the time. However, somewhere in the middle of Texas as Alex is calling for that obscure Louden Wainwright CD, while Tiffany dives through the back seat buried under an avalanche of camping gear, we thought, there's got to be a better way.

And here we are, on the eve of yet another cross country road trip, and the questions are being asked again: Do we really need to fill up the entire back seat just so we can have all 21 of our Bob Dylan albums? Well, the kind folks down at Apple have a solution - ipod! Now, what used to take up shelves and shelves of space back in Pasadena, and what we widdled down to a few cubic feet of binders, now fits into the proverbial deck of cards. It's all in there, 2774 songs, ready for our listening pleasure, all easily organized by artist, song title, album, genre, rating... and more. And it's beamed right into the car stereo over a wireless connection, so no more messy tangles while you're reaching for the Pringles at your feet. Of course we don't have the liner notes, so we won't be settling any debates over whether he said, "kiss this guy" or "kiss the sky".  Was that "life in the fast lane" or "flies in the Vaseline"? But some sacrifices we can live with. This new addition to the family was made for road trips, and we're heading out on a doosey! So, goodbye black binders, hello poddy!

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