Halloween Parade

November 1, 2001

Last night we went, for Halloween,

To the Village parade, the heart of the scene.

Up 6th Avenue the revelers did flow,

By the cheering crowds they did come and go.

The eccentrics and freaks were out in force,

With ghouls and goblins in costume, of course.

There were floats piled high with dancing throngs,

And a group of six Brady's singing songs.

"Sumo" bin Laden waddled by all fat and hairy,

And a 20 ft. scorpion that was mighty scary.

So elaborate were the costumes and puppets,

Bats on strings, wings on bikes, marinates and muppets.

A roller blading PacMan weaving in and out,

As he raced and chased the ghosts about.

A squadron of Storm Troopers guarded a jolly Darth Vader,

Planet of the Apes, American Beauty, but not one single Tomb Raider.

Four Batmans, five Robbins, Captain America and the Tick,

A nurse in platform shoes (not sure if she was a treat or a trick.)

With all the super heroes in attendance, secure were the cops,

There were dinosaur skeletons, flying dragons, even a triceratops.

People on stilts, a nun in a wheelchair, a group in a boat,

A man walked by with a Metro Card-covered goat.

There were costumes a-plenty, anything you could wish,

A guy dressed as Aquaman, his dog dressed as a fish,

Baba Yaga swung over the shrieking crowd,

Her giant hut on chicken legs, the puppeteers were proud.

There was a Wizard of Oz flying monkey,

"Women" in high heels looking a little funky.

The police were everywhere, out on the beat,

As people dressed as Anthrax strolled by on the street.

Twin towers dressed as angels with halos and wings,

A bag pipe band and all the emotion it brings.

A snow globe Statue of Liberty, a croissant, Chinese take out,

The guy from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang looking for kids with his big long snout.

The night was wearing on, the end was in sight,

The costumed monsters began to disperse into the night.

Cops on their mopeds brought up the rear,

As people began planning their outfits for next year.

We rode the subway home and took our costumes off,

Tiffany was a vampire victim, and Alex was Van Gogh. (It rhymes in England!)


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