February 1, 2002

Whew! Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for you, our faithful readers, not much happened in the month of January. For the 6 weeks preceding Jan. 2nd we had something scheduled every weekend! We definitely needed the rest.

What can we say about January then…? It snowed once! A few inches even. It was truly beautiful. Alex was on a location scout for a film he is working on part time and Tiffany was at home with some much needed filing/cleaning time. He called home and we met for dinner. It was like a winter wonderland out there. Tiny flakes that landed on your nose and eyelashes. It stayed around for a couple days even.

Then… it was 68 degrees! No wonder everyone in the city is sick. Days after the heatwave it was in the 30’s again… We keep waiting for the harsh winter everyone has warned us about & we were so looking forward to… but so far… nothing.

This past week the colds caught up with us. Alex had the worst of it during the week & Tiffany’s body conveniently held off till the weekend. So we sat on the couch & watched TV most of the time. With some reading, writing & knitting thrown in for good measure. Sunday evening, both of us felt much better and could enjoy the Super Bowl and the really great game that it was! How refreshing to not have a blow out.

Hopefully more will happen in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to family & friends visiting in the Spring.


See some photos of the snow.


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